You can’t be at your desk all day every day. We can.

Insight will assist your customers and staff during normal business hours or after business hours, every day of the year. We never close.

From serving customers to ensuring staff safety, Insight offers a broad range of solutions where personal contact is required. Contact with our Centre can be made by phone, web chat or social media.

Insight agents receive and manage huge variety of contacts from your customers and staff…

  • “I need to report a serious outage”
  • “Can I make an appointment please?”
  • “I’d like to make a donation”
  • “I need to leave a message for my rep”
  • “I’d like to RSVP for the event please”
  • “I’d like to place an order and pay with my credit card please”
  • “I need to have my dog washed”
  • “I’m a lone/remote worker and I need to do my safety check in”
  • “Help, I’m stuck in the lift!”
  • “I need to conduct my field verification please”
  • “I’d like to book my car in for service please”
  • “Help, there’s a dog attacking my partner!”
  • “I’d like to report there is some glass in my chocolate bar”
  • “Help, my pipes have burst and I need an emergency plumber”
  • “My computer system is down and I need some assistance”
  • “There’s been an incident and we need to activate the emergency service response team”
  • “I’d like to speak with a rep about the home you have for sale”
  • “Our automated shop doors are not working, please send someone to fix them urgently”
  • “Can you please send someone to repair the windows in our community house”
  • “I need to place a fuel order for my plane please”
  • “I need a lawyer to help me with my speeding fine”
  • “Can you please have the air conditioning on level 42 turned on”
  • “Help, my oxygen cylinder is not working”
  • “Can you please have someone call me regarding my account”